Born in 1980, Estonian Nature photographer Sven Zacek is passionate about wetland conservation. During his University years, he came to enjoy nature and the outdoor life, as he used to go with his father-in-law on hunting trips for moose and wild boar. When the hunting season had ended he returned to the wild, this time with a camera and a long telephoto lens.

His early influences comes from’ naturalist’ photographers like Michael Quinton, who documented wildlife environment through long period observation work and specialized in capturing the natural world most extreme and intimate moments.

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His works also suggests a conceptual approach that weaves a complex relationship between his subject and the viewer who become involved in the moment. Začek’s images explore and illustrate our complex connection to the surrounding world.

Sven Začek has been widely published in Europe, with several books featuring the landscapes and wildlife of Estonia as well as aerial photography.

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