Suly Bornstein is a multidisciplinary artist born in Brazil though living and working in Israel. Her work is largely influenced by her experience as an immigrant. On one hand, her roots are deeply embedded in her country of birth, while on the other, there are also roots of the deep love that grew within her throughout her years in Israel. Through the process of immigrating to Israel, learning a new language and integrating into a new culture, Suly found great interest and began to photograph and paint the tropical palm trees that were imported to Israel to decorate the Tel Aviv gardens. In recent years Suly has expanded her interests from the influence of civilized nature onwards to urbanism and architecture with her paintings of the Bauhaus style homes that inhabit the streets of Tel Aviv.

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As a multidisciplinary artist, alongside large and small oil paintings that deal with different themes from the Israeli landscape such as palm trees and the “white houses” that characterize Tel Aviv, Suly also creates objects and installations out of ready-made, mostly from materials meant to be thrown out. In creating these objects, she emphasizes the high aesthetics to which the material is being “elevated”, and thus relays the idea that beauty and quality can be found in any material, even those considered “low” and not worthy.

Suly’s works have been exhibited throughout Israel, Europe, Asia and the USA.

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