New-York based beauty and fashion photographer Roy Schweiger was born in Tel Aviv.
He has found his true path at an early age by shooting videos and documentary films, which evolved into a strong passion for photography.  

The very first thing he realised was that rules first need to be learned, followed and applied, but then they must be broken.

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Working on various projects had led him on a long journey where compositions and the smallest details became an inseparable part of his vision. Some of his best images were made out of an instant idea that had to do with an instant feeling he got when stepped into a new location. Shapes are his fetish and people’s faces are his craze. Commitment to a professional development and perfection led him progressively to digital photography and post-production.

According to Roy Schweiger, “Fashion is a life style and a reason for a change”. His inspiration from fashion is rooted in the need for change – which is a motive for courage, for challenge and progression in one’s life path.

Roy Schweiger has worked for the well known fashion houses: Trussardi, Gaetano Navarra, Gianfranco Ferre, Neil Barrett, Carlo Pignatelli and Les Hommes and has been working for Dsquared2 since 2007.

His work has been showcased in Milan, Cannes and Tel Aviv.

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