Israeli multifaceted artist Ronnie Setter etches and “destructs” black and white photo emulsionswith screwdrivers, creating magical warm goldencolorfulness.First she deciphers the image of the city as it was depicted through her camera or a historical archive: the boulevards, the streets, the anonymous people, even the flora and fauna of those days.

Her drawings wish to overcome the flatness of the photographin an ecstatic rhythm that accelerates, adding new figures and “might have been” stories that are free of the photographic logics. She creates an encounter between the evident and the possible. Some of her works contain small scale models, 3 dimensional transparent figures (printed in 3D printers), and laser cuts.



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Selected Solo Exhibitions:
- Possible Worlds, Vision Niel Folberg Gallery, Jerusalem, 2013.
- "Emil und die Detektive" Museum Erich Kaestner, Dresden, 2011-2.
- "Emil und die Detektive in Berlin" Olswang, Potsdamerplatz 1 ,Berlin, 2011.
- "Emil und die Detektive", Office in Tel Aviv: Art Gallery, Cat. and Curator: Rachel Suckman, 2010.
- "Klang und Farbe," Salon 11, Berlin, 2010.
- "War Games," The Artists' House, Tel Aviv (cat.; curator: Dr. Ariella Erez), 2008.
- "Dreamweaver," Mabat Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2002.

Selected Group Exhibitions
- "Silent Memories", Office in Tel Aviv Art Gallery, Tel Aviv , Israel, 2012.
- "Touch the Words", Beit Hagefen, Haifa, 2012.
- Action Photography, Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2011.