Miguel Milló creates living sculptures and compositions on human canvases embodied in the photographic medium. In his works, abstract art, figurative art and surrealism come together through the use of natural and earthy elements. Milló’s interpretation of the world’s realities through his own sensitivity and soul is seen through the use of textures and colors in his works. Milló first sculpts his models by covering them in clay. He then meticulously paints these human canvases using natural mineral pigments from over the world. Once the painting of his models is completed, they are adorned with fruits, fauna or vegetables. Only after the painting and sculpting are both completed, a process that takes several hours, does Milló photograph his models. His creations focus on the human essence in which we are all equal without labels of color, gender, ideology, religion or value.


His work is internationally recognized for his use of color, light and the human figure. His series have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in New York, Miami, Havana, Manila, Sao Paulo and Mexico City.




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