Art has always been an important part of Mally Elbaz Almandine personal and professional life, but it is only after retiring early from her work as a teacher and supervisor, that she channeled her artistic efforts into expressing and emphasizing significant events that affected her personality both as a child and a grownup.
Almandine uses different techniques and materials to express color and form in her work and to convey her philosophical perception of life.

The concept behind her creations is the perception of objective reality as opposed to subjective reality, which people can experience throughout their lifetime.

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Both the highlighting and the blurring of events allow fragments and layers of one’s life to rely on and touch each other. These life fragments are purposely uncovered and hidden simultaneously. At times, life fragments are interwoven into a bead string, a colorful sequence of life’s events.

“The images in my paintings are borrowed from the subjective experiences in my childhood’s world, and the means by which I chose to deal with the real world. These images are taken from the world of nature, animals and people, and are composed of small illuminated forms and fragments similar to life patchwork. I perceive life’s fragments in the emotional and conceptual sense. I believe that life is actually an interwoven compilation of events and experiences from childhood to adulthood and these fragments are unified into a total whole.”




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Solo Exhibitions (selection):
- Hayelet-Hashahar Art gallery, Tel Aviv, Sept-Oct 2013
- Bet Gabriel,Israel, Feb-Mar 2013
- Salon Business Art, Paris, July 2012
- Gebo Gallery, Tel Aviv, Feb-Mar 2012

Group Exhibition:
House of Israel, San Diego, CA, July 2014


Original Paintings

'Pieces of Life – Double Meanings' Series