Hen Songo is an Israeli artist whose background in architecture and design explains his unique and forward-thinking style. He lives and works in Jerusalem. As a child, he used to often visit his father’s studio who was creating artworks of various kinds. This gave way to his passion for art and meticulous and precise crafts.

Hen Songo has developed a unique style characterized by sculptural works that incorporate geometric architectural forms. His wall sculptures are based on three-dimensional thinking and complex theoretical engineering.  In every work, the viewer can break down the image into different three-dimensional geometric shapes as they unveil a subtle yet striking dynamic of shadow games based on light and observation angles.

His artistic approach is based on the understanding that the harmony of geometric shapes is central to the human mind perception and to the creation of shape and object dynamics.

His works examine the nature of geometric forms: are they the basic elements of reality or an illusion designed to mediate reality to the human mind?

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Scope Art Show, Miami, 2018.

Selected works