Dragos Ioneanu is a Fine Art photographer fascinated by modern architecture. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, his work in black & white focuses mainly on architecture and landscape. In his distinctive approach, single details such as shapes and angles are featured to express the whole subject or idea, creating a conceptual and minimalist imagery.

His art does not have a documentary role, as it does not intend to show the viewers how a particular building looks like, instead it offers a projection of the architectural structure filtered through the artist’s vision. In his work, buildings are placed in a hyper reality, involving long exposure technique and carefully chosen compositions, black & white conversion as well as post-processing methods.

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Dragos Ioneanu drew his early inspiration from the works of several major photographers: from Henri Cartier-Bresson for his perfectly timed compositions to Steve McCurry for his ability to reveal the soul of the people he photographs.

‘Black and white processing reveals the soul of the things: the shape and the texture. I appreciate a landscape that capture the strength and beauty of the nature. I enjoy watching good street images that lets you make a sensorial trip in the past or in a different parts of the world. ‘

His work also gained recognition through the International Photography Award (IPA) in 2013 and on the occasion of the Prix de Photographie Paris as well as at the International Fine Art Photography Award on the same year.

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