Multidisciplinary artist, photographer and painter, Avivit Segal was trained in therapeutic horse riding and Chinese medicine, before focusing on her artistic career. Her works have been widely exhibited in Israel. Her distinctive photography style aimed for the meeting point between the concrete photograph and the abstract image.

For the artist, the white expanse created in consequence of overexposure is meaningful. In her quest for the ‘naked’ picture, Avivit Segal tries to reach the outcome of timeless conciseness and clarity. Overexposure conceals details which are unnecessary to her, yet remain as a ‘ghost’ in the final result.


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For Segal: “The white expanse is the midst between the physical world and themetaphysical world, which allows the presence of silence, the ‘pause’ between the words, thus reinforcing the images themselves. The thin deployed line between the revealed and the not revealed.”

Her photographs represents a reality without time or place, a dismantling of reality and its reassembling.

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Solo Exhibitions:

2014 Seas A Day – Office Gallery, Tel Aviv
2013 'Sham mayim' – Photography, Jaffa Art Center, Tel Aviv
2012 White – Photography, Hecht House Gallery, Haifa
2010 “The sacred Feminine” – Between sculpture and Baking,
Herzliya Artists Residence, Israel