Devoted almost exclusively to his personal artistic research since 2009, Fashion photographer Remi Rebillard confronts us with the future of our society through the prism of women’s sensuality. Remi Rebillard is an aesthete renowned for his expressive photos depicting the sensual side of women, showing moments of infinite grace, yet always highlighting the rift between their bodies and the surrounding world. 

Raised in Paris surrounded by artists and actors in an era when nothing was considered impossible, his love of photography was first shaped by his experience of assisting French director Jean Becker and his childhood admiration for Francis Giacobetti. Other influences include: Sarah Moon, Deborah Tuberville and Javier Valhonrat.

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Inspired by sadness and emotion, his models sometimes look like disjointed dolls but can never be mistaken for toys. They are not dead, quite the contrary. Posing with their intense gaze, these women are so strong that they seem unreachable, distancing themselves from the audience and displaying an indifference to the world.

These women are not objects, but inquisitors questioning us about what have we done to the world? And how can innocence and beauty survive in a world that is drifting away?

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- Solo Exhibit at Omnibus Gallery, Besancon, France, September 2015
- PhotoVogue exhibition, Leica Galerie & Store, Milano, April 2015
-"Driven By Desire" hosted by Italia Vogue and Martini in Milan, Italy, September 2014
- Forest, Brussels April 2013
- 'American Retrospective', The Savoy Hotel, Miami, 2013