François Bel is a French multidisciplinary artist, equally at ease with painting, sculpture and installations. His work is as eclectic as his inspirations: influenced by Street Art, from which he borrows its system of repetition and variation, he is also interested in “New Realism” movements, which particularly appeal to him, as do Dada and Pop Art, for the way they subvert daily objects in order to criticize today’s consumer society.

He expresses himself using inlays in glass, aerial suspensions, and modelled wire in his complex pieces, which claim to be just as eclectic as his inspiration. No matter the medium, his approach is always the same: using the distraction of familiar objects to question modern society, its individualism and habits of consumption.

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His artworks defy the laws of gravity and the logic of time to confront our own fragility with their changelessness. In an increasingly fast paced-society, where all is destined for obsolescence, Francois Bel puts forward the idea of reaching into this ‘other space of unresolved objects and “moments” to try and stop time, the time that passes, consumes us and undeniably survives us!

François Bel is exhibited and collected in France, Monaco, Spain, Corea, the USA and Belgium.


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