French artist Eugene Barricade studied Graphic Arts and started to develop his art under the basements of Paris, choosing the Catacombs as a favorite place of expression. The work of the street artists visible in the streets of Paris fascinated him. The stencils of Mistic, Blek the Rat or Speedy Graphito encouraged him to explore this new technique which became his own mode of expression.

He also began an advertising story boarder career, collaborating with major Parisian agencies, for more than 15 years. Since 2011, he has concentrated exclusively to his artistic career, working only with stencil and mainly on atypical and urban supports. Eugène Barricade enjoys disrupting these elements into unique and surprising pieces. His quirky humor offers us an ironic view of today’s society. Using and abusing the aesthetic and graphic codes of advertising, Eugène Barricade revisits the imagery of popular culture in a playful and poetic way.

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ART 3F Mulhouse, France.
Antwerp ART FAIR, Anvers, Belgique.
ART FAIR, Lausanne, Suisse.
ART 3F Nantes, France.
ART UP ! Lille, France.
AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, Bruxelles, Belgique.
ART 3F, Paris, France.
Exposition collective « VENUS », à SPACEJUNK Lyon, France.
Exposition collective, « SUGAR POP », chez AKIZA LA GALERIE, Paris, France.

ART FAIR Luxembourg.
ART3F Mulhouse, France.
ART 3F Nice, France.
ART SHOPPING, Paris, France.
SM’ART Aix, Aix-en-Provence, France.
Exposition collective « Prix du Graffiti et du Street », à la MANUFACTURE 111, Paris, France.
Exposition collective, « STENCILISIMES », chez AKIZA LA GALERIE, Paris, France.
Exposition collective, « PATTERNS », chez AKIZA LA GALERIE, Paris, France.